What tree should I plant in Fort Collins, Cheyenne or Laramie?

Today we are planting three sensation maples. These are a lovely addition for my… I mean, any yard! But don’t you think they will look great?

The boxelder, or Sensation Maple, has some positives and a few negatives. Positives for Wyoming and Colorado:
1. Native to Wyoming and Colorado
2. Exceptional growth, putting on 3 feet/per year.
3. Does well in well in poor soils, limited water, and heavy wind.
4. Zones 3 – 8. That’s us!

Grows to 20 – 30 feet. So it’s not a monster tree but will deliver great shade. I like that there aren’t a ton of branches on the lower stem, which leaves a lot of room to maneuver around the tree.

Some negatives are that these trees can have weak wood and issues with extensive decay, while the tree continues to appear healthy.