About Us

About Us

(Meet our cowgirls and cowboys)


Emily Parsons was born into a family of farmers, builders, and entrepreneurs. She tried to have a “real job” and it went very poorly. Since then she has been starting and building businesses. She and Jeff meet when they worked for the Greys River Ranger District on a Wildland Fire Crew, which is part of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. They have built and owned TigerTree for 10 years, they are married and have two kids. They NEVER, EVER fight about the direction of the business.  Along with owning TigerTree, she is launching a company that builds technical work wear for women called, Mt Glow. Emily hails from Vermont and finished a Microbiology degree from the University of Montana and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Wyoming.


Jeff Smith is a Wyoming native that found a love for trees, chainsaws and trucks while working on a fire engine crew for the Bridger Teton National Forest.  Lucky for him he also found his life partner Emily on this crew while pointing out some of the finer details of chainsaw maintenance.  Jeff graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2007, the same year TigerTree was formed after winning the College of Business 10K business plan competition.  Jeff can’t keep his hands off the maintenance, repair and improvement of all things mechanical.  TigerTree gives him ample opportunity to hone his abilities repairing and maintaining machines, something just fine with Jeff.

Dakota headshot


Dakota joined the team in 2020, bringing experience from working at plant nurseries and an organic farm (in Maui!). She loves having a positive and beneficial impact on the earth and our communities by planting trees and maintaining tree health — so they live longer and keep absorbing CO2 and providing us with oxygen. Thank you trees! In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends and family, garden, take care of my house plants, and ride my bike when it’s warm out.

Michael headshot


Micheal was hired in 2019 to help plant and water the beautiful trees of Denver’s Public Schools. He loves that TigerTree is involved in every aspect of tree life in the Mountain West… from trimming and pruning our amazing cottonwoods on the plains to planting Swamp White Oaks and Gingkos in Colorado. They get to do it all! Most of his spare time is dedicated to fathering his little sapling, Sophronia, recreating outdoors with his wife Courtney, and always living life to the fullest!

kyle headshot


Kyle’s been sharing his knowledge about trees since he moved to Laramie in 2018. He enjoys meeting homeowners who care about their trees, and hunting and fishing in his spare time. …guess he’s always around trees!

Brent getting out of truck


Brent joined TigerTree as a mechanic in 2012, and worked his way full time into the tree working part of the business. He loves working with trees and community, and the always new adventures at TigerTree, which keep things interesting. In his spare time he likes spending time outdoors, running chainsaws, collecting firewood and building things out of wood.

David in a tree stump


As the Northern Colorado Consulting Arborist, David leads on-site consultations and sales in the Northern Colorado area.  He meets with clients to assess the health and safety of their trees, recommends services, and in many cases am the individual providing those services to the client. Along with client consultations, he is available to work on sites as needed performing the full spectrum of TigerTree services, includeing tree pruning and removal (both climbing and aerial truck), stump grinding, planting, fertilization, and any chemical applications. He first came to TigerTree in the summer of 2015 when he had just relocated to Wyoming and by the end of his first week in Laramie he was an official “Tiger”.  Two years later, he relocated to Iowa and said goodbye to the west.  The moment he left Laramie, he knew he would be back some day.  That big, beautiful western sky had captured his heart and soul. Fast-forward to the present, and while he’s not in “Laradise” he is back in the Front Range and have reconnected with TigerTree.

Trees are constantly changing, and it’s that challenge of meeting their needs that keeps David coming back for more…that and tree climbing!  The combination of physical and mental demands this job requires are exactly what he needs.  There is nothing quite like being close to 100 feet in the air, and realizing you are climbing a living organism.  It’s an indescribable feeling that he wishes everyone could experience at one point in their life.

In his free time, David loves playing tabletop board games as well as Dungeon & Dragons. He’s a huge foodie and enjoys cooking and trying new foods. When the weather isn’t so great you could undoubtedly find him binge-watching anime with his wife.  He also enjoys getting outdoors, backpacking, and camping.  And if the sun is shining you can count on him cruising on his Harley Davidson, especially with the Rockies in the backdrop.

Aleks watering tree in Laramie


Alex joined the TigerTree crew 3 years ago, when his friend helped him get the job. He loves the TigerTree atmosphere, along with getting to be outside, and also notes that everyone is super fun to work with. In his free time, Alex likes to spend time with his beautiful family.

Maricruz by trees


Maricruz manages all of the sales and business operations for TigerTree. She joined the team in 2018, shortly after her family moved to Laramie. A few months after moving, she applied for a seasonal sales position job at TigerTree and was hired. She loves using her tree knowledge and sharing it with clients and friends! She also loves watching the crews in action. They are amazing! In her spare time she loves to spend time with her family and enjoys seeing new places!

And some of our employees and adventures in-action…

group pictures of Tiger Tree employees and workers cutting trees