(Or, what we can do for you)

Tree Removal service with TigerTree

Tree removal

Trees will be safely brought to the ground and removed from the property.

Tree Trimming service with TigerTree

Tree trimming

Trimming branches away from houses, roads, and driveways will keep people and property safe.  Removing dead and broken branches reduce the risk of their failure.

Stump Grinding service with TigerTree

Stump Grinding

Sick of that stump in your yard? Our stump grinder can make a quick job of removing it.

Tree Removal service with TigerTree


All good things start with putting new trees in the ground. Check out our blog posts about trees we recommend.

cabin icon

Cabin Clean Up

Have a cabin in the mountains? With forest fires increasing every summer, it’s important to clean the area around your cabin… removing brush, dead trees, and more. We can help.

Pest Management service with TigerTree

Pest management

There are common pests and diseases that frequent our urban landscape. Scale, aphids, bark boring insects, spider mites, to name a few. These pests are treatable with a timely application and proper recommendation from our arborists.

Defensible Space Against Fires service with TigerTree

Defensible Space

Do you live in the Urban / Wildfire Interface? Removing trees to create a wildfire-resistant landscape is a proven measure aimed at protecting people’s homes and property. We believe it’s worth the investment in Wyoming and Colorado.

Fertilizing service with TigerTree


We are big believers in fertilizing trees in the Urban landscape.  Amending our soil to make trees healthy will ensure they are around for years to come. Most of the urban trees across Wyoming and Colorado are planted and can benefit from making the soil composition closer to what the tree would see in its native environment.

Emerald Ash Borer bug icon

Emerald Ash Borer

Proactive measures to keep your ash trees healthy and able to fight off EAB. Treatments are injected directly into the base of the tree trunk and are translocated to the canopy of the tree.

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Snow shovel

Snow Removal

Even when it snows, you have to be on time for work, kids need to go to school, and sidewalks need to be cleared. Let TigerTree take on the “one more thing” avalanche (pun intended) of tasks this snow season.

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