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Winterizing trees helps protect them from the winds and weather of winter, giving them the best chance to survive through typically harsh conditions until spring. A small investment in taking care of your trees can help ensure they have a long lifetime, giving you enjoyment for years to come.

The TigerTree tree winterizing package for trees includes:

  • Windburn protection (transfilm) for small conifers to reduce water loss from wind.
  • Prune back suckers and dead branches.
  • Fertilize with the essential elements if they are in short supply within the soil.
  • Aerate soils if they are compacted and poorly drained, as saturated and dense soil can suffocate roots. We take care not to damage tree roots in the soil.
  • Spread composted organic mulch in a thin layer to blanket the soil, covering an area at least as large as the branch spread.

Help ensure you have a beautiful spring – contact us in the last summer or early fall about winterizing your trees.