Why Use TigerTree for Spraying?

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In addition to our 99% success rate and our Tree Spray Guarantee, there are a number of reasons to choose TigerTree for spraying for mountain pine beetle:

  • TigerTree offers on-site consultations to check each tree’s health and determine the best tree management plan based on the needs of your trees. Misidentification of healthy trees can be a problem if trees are not checked by a professional for infestation. For example, in dry conditions, trees may not produce pitch tubes when infested, so healthy trees are not as obvious.
  • TigerTree has a quality control supervisor on each tree spraying truck who checks for missed spots and quality on every tree at every job.
  • TigerTree does not spray in high winds or during rain to ensure trees are properly protected.
  • We mix our insecticide at the highest possible amount per label standards, which is 5 quarts of permethrin per 100 gallons of water. Effective dosages for bark beetles are higher than the percent used for other insects.
  • TigerTree uses a top quality surfactant to ensure every inch of tree gets covered. We mix 1 quart of surfactant per 100 gallons.
  • We are sure to cover the entire tree, spraying 5 to 8 gallons of mix onto each tree. Many conifers have loose bark that needs extra spray to ensure complete coverage and maximum protection.
  • TigerTree uses a 50-foot buffer between application and any water, which is 25 feet farther than what is required by the EPA.
  • We have more than a 99% effectiveness rate. We know because we go back to look at our trees every year. We have only lost seven trees in the last four years of spraying!
  • We use 500-gallon tanks and ¾” hoses to maintain pressure and allow our spray teams to reach higher on every tree. We have not met a tree we could not protect.
  • We properly recycle of all of our bottles.