Urban Tree Care

We have been providing urban tree care and protecting trees from bark beetle attacks in the cities of Laramie, Cheyenne, Casper, Fort Collins, Wellington, Loveland, and Estes Park, and in towns across Western Nebraska for many years.

But we are also seeing many other insects and diseases reduce the health of urban trees as we visit our client’s properties.  In-town ailments we frequently see include:

  • Pine Needle Scale
  • Oystershell Scale
  • Ips Beetles
  • Needle Cast Fungus
  • Aphids
  • Elm Leaf Beetles

In addition to pest control, we provide other urban tree care services that will help your trees become healthier and more vibrant:

Deep Root Feeding – Soil in town tends to have fewer nutrients than what you would find in the forest, and when you do fertilize, surrounding lawn tends to take what’s meant for the trees. Our timed-release feeding method gets the nutrients right to the roots where the tree will benefit the most.

Tree Trimming – Trimming or pruning a tree is not only essential for the tree to keep its shape and beauty, but to keep it healthy and growing properly. Low-hanging limbs, damaged or broken limbs, crowded or rubbing branches, and other naturally occurring conditions can cause problems if not addressed.

Tree Removal – Unfortunately, sometimes a tree becomes damaged beyond repair and we just can’t save it. In that instance, it’s best to take it out and start over. We have the equipment to safely remove trees of all sizes with minimal impact to your yard, and we will remove and grind the stump, too, so you have a fresh area ready for a new tree.

Planting and Drip Systems – Tree planting in the forest, also known as reforestation, involves transplanting seedlings over a large area that has been affected by the pine beetle or wildfire.

Windburn Protection – Winterizing trees helps protect them from the winds and weather of winter, giving them the best chance to survive through typically harsh conditions until spring. A small investment in taking care of your trees can help ensure they have a long lifetime, giving you enjoyment for years to come.