Tree Trimming

Trimming or pruning a tree is not only essential for the tree to keep its shape and beauty, but to keep it healthy and growing properly. Low-hanging limbs, damaged or broken limbs, crowded or rubbing branches, and other naturally occurring conditions can cause problems if not addressed.

We can take several approaches to tree trimming and pruning. Depending on what your tree or trees need, our approach may include one or more of the following:

Enhance the structure: Through tree pruning and trimming, we can enhance the growth rate and strength of the tree branches by removing certain live branches and stems. This is usually done in small to medium-sized trees to promote growth of the strongest branches and improve the overall structure of the tree as it ages.

pruning for structure

Clean the canopy: Trimming or pruning crowded, weak, dead, or broken branches from a tree’s canopy is the best way to improve the health of mature trees.

pruning to clean

Thin the crown: If a tree is providing too much shade or is misshapen because of the weight of large branches, we can selectively trim live branches to lighten the crown of a tree. This allows more light and airflow to filter through and can make the tree more attractive.

Raise the canopy: By selectively removing lower branches of a tree, we can create clearance for signs, pedestrian traffic, vehicle traffic, buildings, and other plantings. This action encourages growth of the middle and top branches of the tree, effectively raising the tree’s entire canopy.

pruning to raise

Restore a damaged tree: We can often ultimately restore trees that have damage to branches from storms, accidents, vandalism, or other causes by removing the affected branches and trimming those that remain.

storm damage

Improve the view or clearance: People love trees, but sometimes they grow in the wrong place (or the wrong tree is planted in the wrong place.) We can trim and prune select branches to reveal a view of a lake or mountain or to keep branches from interfering with power lines or other structures without causing permanent damage or having to remove the tree.

Safety first!

We follow guidelines set by the International Society of Arboriculture for pruning and trimming so you can be assured we provide the pruning that will best benefit the health and beauty of your tree or trees. We also follow all safety protocols for the protection of our crews and everything and everyone below.