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Every property that is experiencing a pine beetle infestation will benefit from removing the infested trees.  Decreasing the number of beetles on any property increases the chance that the surrounding trees will survive, whether they are sprayed or not.  Removing infested trees can be especially beneficial on larger properties where spraying every tree is not cost effective.

Infested Tree Removal

The main concern when removing infested trees is to make sure no further damage is made to the surrounding environment.  We use low-impact removal techniques that focus on total forest health.  Skid lines are minimized by taking the chipper to the trees through use of tracked chippers.  Residual trees are left undamaged by practicing careful felling and skidding techniques.  Most infested trees are chipped and spread directly back onto the forest floor.  Chips help cover ground disturbances, reduce soil erosion and replenish needed nutrients to the forest floor. We also cut all stumps flush with the ground.

Winter is the ideal time to remove trees because the frozen ground helps reduce soil disturbances and makes access off-road easier.  Winter is also beneficial because the trees enter a dormant state that leaves them less vulnerable to disturbances created during removal efforts.  Tree removal and or trimming should be minimized during the mid to late summer months because damaged trees release a stress signal that draws bark beetles into the area.  Trees releasing this signal during the beetle flight are highly susceptible to being fatally infested.

Chipping trees after their removal

The effectiveness of infested tree removal on the pine beetle depends on many factors.  The proximity to heavy infestations that are not removed can limit the effectiveness, since the greatest benefit of infested tree removal is realized when the majority of infested trees are removed in a large area, which may involve multiple property owners.  This makes group participation critical in maintaining a low number of beetles, as well as reducing wildfire danger, in any given area.

Infested Removal Effectiveness

If you have slash piles, TigerTree will safely burn them during winter months when conditions are satisfactory.  Burning slash piles is an efficient method for removing unwanted branches and tree tops.  Please contact us to discuss proper slash pile construction to ensure burn piles can be ignited and controlled safely.

Urban Tree Removal

We love trees, but sometimes tree removable is necessary when the tree is dying, is already dead, or is damaged to the point that the tree is hazardous and we can’t restore it. We may also need to remove a tree if it has grown too big for its environment and we can’t trim or prune it without damaging the tree, or if it will just continue to grow larger.

We have tree removal experts that are certified by the International Society of Arborists. They know how to take large trees down safely and efficiently and can work around power lines, structures, streets and roads, other trees, and more without injury or damage.

If you’re not sure whether tree removal is imminent for your tree or trees, call us and we will evaluate it or them for you to determine the best course of action. If we recommend removing your tree, be confident that TigerTree will remove the tree safely.