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Tree Care from TigerTree

TigerTree Friends,

Thank you so much for your service you provide. Don’t know what we would do without you.

Boulder Ridge, Wyoming
Spring 2012

Thanks Jeff.

Your crew was impressive and they were clearly striving for a quality spray job.

Cherokee Park, CO
Spring 2012

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the efficient way you handled the tree removal from my property on the 12th. Your crew was on time and professional. They used proper safety equipment and procedures when cutting down the trees. And, they handled the chipper in a careful manner to clear the dead trees and to protect the smaller seedlings from harm. Your crew worked steadily to get the job done in a short amount of time and were mindful of protecting the expensive equipment. The chipper itself was amazing and handled the job just as you had described.

We look forward to having one of your teams visit our place again this spring to spray the 40 trees we designate for pine beetle protection.

Ellen Hupp
Wheatland, WY
Spring 2012

TigerTree Land Management has been very important to us in the ranch real estate brokerage business to provide valuable added services for our clients. With the severe pine beetle epidemic throughout Wyoming, many landowners are realizing the negative impact the loss of all live timber on a property has on value. By referring clients to their services, many thousands of trees have been saved on ranch and recreational properties. Timber brings added value to real estate; it goes without saying that its presence is vital. I highly recommend TigerTree to all recreational land and ranch brokers as a tool that will help to ensure future value to those clients who have recently purchased or sold property, as well as any other landowner you know. For those who chose to have Tiger Tree evaluate and implement a beetle spraying program on their land with surely remember your thoughtful recommendation of so valuable a service.

James Rinehart, Western United Reality, LLC
Laramie, WY
Spring 2012

Hello TigerTree,

Just a note to let you know that both your employees were very professional and represented your company well.

Thank You,
Cheyenne, WY
Spring 2011

Your crew did a very good job.

We appreciate their good work.

Mr. & Mrs. Harris
Estes Park, CO
Spring 2011

Emily and Jeff,

It was a pleasure to talk to Rose. She was personable, knowledgeable and answered questions easily!

Please share our thanks with her.

Rock Springs, WY
Spring 2011

TigerTree Crew,

You did a great job. I’ll talk to you next year!

Fort Collins, CO
Spring 2011

Sorry for the delays because of the high spring flow this year. I appreciate the extra water this year which hasn’t occurred in over 20 years. I especially appreciate your patience and the professionalism of your crews and staff!!

Thanks Again!!
John and Marcia
Centennial, WY
Spring 2011

Hey TigerTree,

Just to let you know that the work you guys have done on our cabin over the last couple of years was a big help when we decided to sell it last summer.

By making a defensible space and removing dead branches, the place looked very nice.  Also, with the spraying, the trees on our lot are green and healthy – quite a contrast to many of the surrounding lots!

Take care,
Bob Kubichek
Snowy Range, WY
Summer 2010


We want you to know how much we appreciate your willingness to make sure we were happy with the work you did for us.

Ben and the crew came out on Monday morning as promised. Ben answered all of our questions. All three young men were very polite and professional in doing their work.

Thank You,

Wes and Margie
Livermore, CO
Spring 2010