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We provide tree planting services because we love trees, not only because they are beautiful, but because they provide so many benefits to our world:

  • They produce oxygen and remove pollution from the air
  • They create shade that help us use less energy to stay cool
  • They help reduce water pollution
  • Being near trees make us more relaxed and less stressed
  • They can provide a break from wind and storms around our homes

If you want to add trees to your urban landscape, we can help you choose the right ones based on your goals and desires for your trees, where you live, where on your property you’d like to plant them, how much water you have available, and other considerations.

There are many trees that do well in the Rocky Mountain region. Just some of these include:

  • Cottonwood
  • Autumn Blaze Maple
  • Bigtooth Maple (A Wyoming Native! Seeds sourced for these trees come from the sunny dry slopes of the Hoback in Teton County.)
  • Aspen
  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Crabapple (Indian Summer and Spring Snow)
  • Pines: Austrian, Ponderosa, Pinon, Mugo, Bristlecone (this tree has been documented to be one of the oldest living organisms in the world; some in the high Sierras are 6,000 + years old)
  • Cedar
  • Haralson Apple
  • Royal Frost Birch
  • Ohio Buckeye
  • Canada Red Chokecherry (great for windbreaks!)
  • Douglas Fir
  • Russian Hawthorn (this tree has done well at the Cheyenne Horticultural Field Station for more than 70 years!)
  • Wichita Blue Juniper (excellent for windbreaks and visual screening)
  • Bur Oak (native to the Black Hills)

We work with many tree farms and nurseries across the Rocky Mountain region and can find you the right trees, deliver them, plant them, feed them, create a drip system from your existing irrigation or hose connection to water them efficiently, and get them established to live among your landscape for many years to come.