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There are three insecticides for pine beetles that are specifically registered for use in preventing infestations: carbaryl (Sevin SL and XLR, and others), permethrin (Astro, Dragnet and others), and bifenthrin (Onyx). Only the insecticide formulations that are labeled to protect trees from pine beetle attacks should be used, as these formulations include additives that bind the active ingredient to the bark.

TigerTree exclusively uses permethrin as an insecticide for pine beetles for our private customers. We do our best to minimize its adverse effects on the environment and other creatures.

  • Permethrin is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.
  • Acute toxicity: moderate to practically non-toxic via the oral route. Via the dermal route, slightly toxic.
  • Breakdown in soil: half-life of 30-38 days. Permethrin is tightly bound by soils, so little to no leaching occurs in groundwater.
  • Breakdown in water: half-life of less than 2.5 days. Permethrin degrades rapidly in water, although it can persist in sediments.
  • Fate in humans and animals: efficiently metabolized by mammalian livers. Quickly excreted with no significant persistence in body tissues.
  • Effects on birds: practically non-toxic to birds.
  • Effects on aquatic organisms: aquatic ecosystems are very vulnerable to the impact of permethrin.

Effects on other organisms: permethrin is extremely toxic to bees and other beneficial insects if present during application, or within 24 hours thereafter.