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Just because most, if not all, the trees on your forested property grew up on their own doesn’t mean they don’t need care like you would provide in-town trees. A number of tree species are in danger from infestation by the mountain pine beetle and other bark beetles.

Tree spraying is a form of forest tree care that is an effective preventive against this deadly pest. When the size of your property makes spraying every tree cost prohibitive, we can remove the currently infested trees to reduce the number of beetles in the area and decrease the chances they will move on to healthy trees. Removing trees in thickly forested areas also gives remaining trees better access to sunlight, water, and nutrients, making them healthier.

To improve the health of specimen trees in view of your forest home and in other prominent areas, we recommend Deep Root Feeding. A healthy tree is better able to defend itself against bark and pine beetles and other diseases.

With the threat of wildfire so high in many of our forested mountain areas, creating defensible space around your home and within your property can reduce the damage a fire may cause and give firefighters a better chance of slowing its progress.

Tree Planting

Tree planting in the forest, also known as reforestation, involves transplanting seedlings over a large area that has been affected by the pine beetle or wildfire.

Because the trees grew naturally in the forest in the first place, it may seem to make sense to allow the trees to replace themselves. But there are several reasons why tree planting is a better choice:

  • In an area of pine beetle damage, there may be existing brush from the understory of the pine trees that were killed. This brush can create unsuitable conditions for seeds to regenerate.
  • Because lodgepole pine that grow in the Rocky Mountain region often need high heat to release their seeds, lodgepoles that are killed by pine beetles may not be able to provide enough seeds to sufficiently regenerate.
  • Using seedlings instead of seeds helps the trees to out-compete weeds and have an easier time growing.

If you have fire or beetle damage to your forest trees, there is no time like the present for tree planting. The sooner you plant trees, the sooner they will be mature enough to improve water quality, provide a habitat for wildlife, remove carbon from the air, and provide a pleasant forest for your enjoyment.