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TigerTree offers a number of tree care services for trees living in an urban or forest environment or both.

Tree Care Services from TigerTree

Tree Spraying for Pine Beetle – Our approach to tree spraying is 99% effective in protecting trees from the mountain pine beetle.

Deep Root Feeding – We can improve the health of your in-town or forest trees by adding timed-release nutrients right at the roots.

Tree Removal – We can remove your infested, diseased, or dead trees from your yard or property to improve safety and aesthetics, and to protect your healthy trees.

Defensible Space for Protection from Wildfire – Our tree care services can help you reduce the threat of wildfire to your home or property.

Tree Trimming  – Trimming or pruning a tree is not only essential for the tree to keep its shape and beauty, but to keep it healthy and growing properly.

Insect and Disease Control – The key to treating insects and diseases is correctly identifying them as early as possible and then treating them appropriately.

Tree Planting and Drip Systems – We provide tree planting services because we love trees, not only because they are beautiful, but because they provide so many benefits to our world.

Windburn Protection – Winterizing trees helps protect them from the winds and weather of winter, giving them the best chance to survive through typically harsh conditions until spring.