About TigerTree

At TigerTree, we love trees. We hope you do, too,
and that’s why you’re here.

TigerTree helps protect trees against the mountain pine beetle.

When you choose us to take care of your trees and protect them against mountain pine beetle, we treat every tree as if it were our own by offering our services in three main areas:


We provide Deep Root Feeding to make trees healthier and more resistant to insects and disease.


We help you take care of the trees in your yard and forest by providing tree removal, trimming, planting and irrigation, and windburn protection services.


We offer treatments to defend trees against mountain pine beetle and other insects and disease and reduce the threat of wildfire.

We are proudly owned by Jeff and Emily, outdoor lovers and former wildland firefighters fortunate enough to be able to run a business doing what they love to do. Jeff grew up in southwestern Wyoming in Evanston, spending all his free time in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Utah.

A graduate of the University of Wyoming, he won the university’s prestigious John P. Ellbogen $30K Entrepreneurship Competition in 2007, which gave him $10,000 to start up his first business, FireWise Forest Management. That company provided wildfire hazard mitigation to homeowners along the wildland-urban interface.

As the mountain pine beetle spread across the west, Jeff and Emily realized that one of the greatest threats to destruction from wildfire would be the thousands of beetle-killed trees that surrounded mountain homes, so we expanded our services to include tree spraying and tree removal to help reduce the destructive impact of the beetle. About the same time we changed our focus, we changed our name as well, to TigerTree Land Management.

Today we continue to grow, adding services as our customers request them. We provide care for urban trees now, too, to help keep our in-town forests healthy. We now offer a wide variety of services to nourish, sustain, and protect trees no matter what environment they live in.